Mission Statement

The San Antonio Di Padova Da Montefalcione, Inc. is a non-profit, religious and cultural organization founded in 1919 in Boston by Italian immigrants. The members of this organization are dedicated to continuing the tradition of honoring our patron, Saint Anthony of Padua by organizing and producing the annual “Saint Anthony’s Feast” in the North End of Boston.

In addition to encouraging devotion to Saint Anthony Of Padua: it’s mission includes preserving Italian American traditions, culture, history and heritage; and strengthening it’s community by supporting both financially and morally the neighborhood’s other non-profit institutions that aim to improve the lives of it’s citizens.

2021 Executive Board

Christian Guarino

Maurizio A. Fabbo
Vice President

Sal Firicano-LoBono
Sal DeRosa

Gary Pasquale
Financial Secretary

Joseph Cucinotta
Jason A. Aluia

Joe DiGirolamo

Feast Committee

Jason A. Aluia
Michael A. Bonetti
Michael A. Bosco
David Capodilupo
Paul D’Amore
Sal DeRosa
Joe DiGirolamo
Christian Guarino
Dale Palma

Entertainment Committee

David Capodilupo
Sal DeRosa
Gerard DiPrizio
Maurizio A. Fabbo
Christian Guarino
Anthony Lopez Jr,
Dale Palma


Michael A. Bosco

Membership Committee

Jason A. Aluia
Michael A. Bonetti
Joe DiGirolamo
Maurizio A. Fabbo
Anthony Lopez

Our Founders
Montefalcione Avellino
Processione Festa Montefalcione


The tradition and customs of honoring Saint Anthony of Padua in the North End of Boston date back to early part of the twentieth century and the large numbers of southern Italian immigrants that reached the shores of America at that time. Hundreds of thousands of poor European immigrants flooded the urban centers of northeastern United States. In Boston these immigrants settled in the North End. These immigrants brought with them the customs and traditions that they celebrated in their homeland for centuries. A group of men from the small mountain town of Montefalcione, Avellino, just east of Naples in the Campagnia region of Italy founded what is known as today as the San Antonio Di Padova Da Montefalcione, Inc. Since 1919, as is done in Montefalcione on the weekend of the last Sunday of August the Saint Anthony and Saint Lucy Societies and the people of the North End celebrate the Feasts of Saint Anthony and Saint Lucy.

About Saint Anthony’s Feast®

Each year the people of the North End invite you to celebrate with them as they honor their patrons Saint Anthony and Saint Lucy with colorful parades, religious services, strolling singers, live entertainment and of course an abundance of great Italian and American food.

Begun in 1919, by Italian immigrants from the small town of Montefalcione in Avellino, Saint Anthony’s Feast has become the largest Italian Religious Festival in New England. Named the “Feast of all Feasts” by National Geographic Magazine, this authentic Italian street festival has it all for people of every age: parades, strolling singers, live entertainment, contests and religious services are held daily.

Visitors stroll the beautifully decorated streets sampling the best Italian street foods from 100 pushcarts enjoying arancini, sausage peppers & onion, quahogs, calamari, pizza, pasta and of course zeppole, cannoli and gelato. Guests can also browse the wide selection of souvenir keepsakes and mementos.

The highlight of the Feast is the ten hour procession of the Statue of Saint Anthony through the streets of the North End accompanied by devotees, numerous marching bands and floats. The Statue of the Saint returns to his chapel as confetti and streamers cascade from the rooftops.

Other events include: The Filippo Berio Culinary Pavilion featuring cooking demonstrations and sampling from the North End and Boston’s most fabulous restaurant, an annual Open Air Mass in honor of Saint Anthony, including the veneration and individual blessing of the Relic of Saint Anthony and the distribution of blessed Saint Anthony Bread.

The magazine of Italian Food Wine & Culture said Saint Anthony’s Feast is “a spectacle not to be missed!” Saint Anthony’s Feast is held annually on the weekend of the last Sunday of August.
Processione LaVecchia Montefalcione
Donations by the
Saint Anthony Society

Saint Anthony’s Society is very proud to support the many organizations and numerous charities in our community and across greater Boston. Over the past decades we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to these and other worthy causes. It is in the true spirit of Saint Anthony that we remember people in need and always assist our fellow citizen.

Saint Leonard of Port Maurice Church
Saint Stephen’s Church
Saint John School
Sacred Heart Italian Church
North End Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center
North End Athletic Association (NEAA)
North End Against Drugs
Franciscan Family Center
Christopher Columbus Parade
North End Christmas Parade
New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans
Italian Home for Children
Casa Maria Senior Citizen Home
North End Seniors
R.O.C. Recovery – Outreach - Community
Autism Speaks Walk
Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
North End Music & Performing Arts Center
Nazzaro Center Band

Sponsors of the Father Mike Ciullo Memorial Scholarship
Saint Anthony's Feast 1945

Saint Anthony's Feast 1950

Saint Anthony's Feast 1969

Saint Anthony's Feast 2002

Saint Anthony's Society Members
Any visual, audio reproduction, or written material of the festival other than the News Media is strictly forbidden without the written permission of the St. Anthony Di Padua Da Montefalcione Society, Inc. Also, no articles bearing the image or wording of St. Anthony can be sold at the Festival. Saint Anthony's Feast is a registered service mark. Usage of the wording or image of Saint Anthony is not permitted without approval of the San Antonio Di Padova Da Montefalcione, Inc.